Team Coaching Programme

Get to work as a team on communication and non-verbal communication in the office!

A personal and team action plan is the result.

During three half-day sessions, you will work as a team on strengthening your communication within the team. And your impact on customers. This way, you create a grip on your conversations and results!

The programme consists of three modules of three hours each. These are:

Reading non-verbal communication in the office

Reading non-verbal communication in your team

Increasing the impact of yourself and your team

Do you know yourself? I attended a workshop on non-verbal communication with Daniëlle Regnerij. During this workshop I learnt a lot about my own non-verbal communication. I thought I knew myself well enough until I did this workshop. Daniëlle quickly made it clear to me that what I said often, but not always, matched what I was expressing nonverbally. This realisation alone has made my way of communicating better and more effective.

Peter van Uhm

Generaal (retired)

Daniëlle Regnerij

06 2434 1926

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