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After studying law with a specialisation in labour law, Daniëlle Regnerij worked within Human Resources. In this role, she managed reorganisations and worked internationally. She then specialised in personal development. She has extensive experience in career guidance, trainee development, coaching and leadership programmes.

“I live in the centre of Utrecht and I am a lover of art and culture. Besides video art (how could it be otherwise), I admire the painter Johannes Vermeer. I want to see all his paintings around the world. I am now at number 27 out of 36.”

Besides working at Rabobank, Shell and Achmea, she has specialised in non-verbal communication at various training institutes. An extensive article by Daniëlle on non-verbal communication was published in the professional journal Magazine for Management Development.

Only in recent decades has more attention been paid to this part of our communication. There are many assumptions about how this would work. Daniëlle started specialising in non-verbal communication based on state-of-the-art scientific research.

“Several years ago, I had the opportunity to have a presentation of mine recorded. The insights I gained from the feedback made me aware of my first impression and communication style, especially non-verbal. And it gave me the opportunity to put those insights to work immediately.
Such a fast and no-nonsense approach, I immediately wanted to learn it myself and so I took various extensive training courses. I like nothing better than for you to make the insights from non-verbal communication directly applicable to your daily work practice.”

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Daniëlle Regnerij

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