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Learning to read non-verbal communication is not an option. It is a must!

Do you know yourself? I attended a workshop on non-verbal communication with Daniëlle Regnerij. During this workshop I learnt a lot about my own non-verbal communication. I thought I knew myself well enough until I did this workshop. Daniëlle quickly made it clear to me that what I said often, but not always, matched what I was expressing nonverbally. This realisation alone has made my way of communicating better and more effective.
Peter van Uhm

General (retired)

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Every day you have conversations with colleagues, clients or job applicants. In these conversations, you want to:

  • Connect
  • Make an impact and
  • Take more control of your conversations

Knowledge of non-verbal communication is not an option here, but a must! Applying this knowledge gives you the following advantages:

  • You can actively check whether your message has come across well.
  • You can see your conversation partner’s reaction more quickly and anticipate it.
  • You increase your charisma and impact.

The non-verbal signals in conversations are there for the taking and you can learn to respond to them effectively.

Daniëlle’s non-verbal communication training is surprising, good and also fun! I learnt more from it than I expected. I literally saw my strengths and my pitfalls. I had heard them before, but experiencing them had much more impact on me. I will now work on being even more effective in my conversations.

Erik van Essen

Director, Conexxion

You are an expert and master your craft like no other. And yet there are times when you think: Why didn’t it work in that one conversation? And why do I keep getting the same reaction, despite my different approach?

One of the aspects we often miss is the Conversation without Words. However, knowledge about non-verbal communication will actually increase your understanding of others and create a lot of grip on your own appearance, conversations and results.

With my keynotes and training sessions, I know how to translate the scientific insights on non-verbal communication with concrete advice into practice. You can get started right away.

Daniëlle’s offer:


  • Increase your charisma and impact
  • Learn to read non-verbal communication
  • Get more grip and control over your conversations



Training courses





  • An experienced speaker for large venues and team sessions
  • Tailor-made after joint preparation
  • Interactive and inspiring



  • Get to know your First Impression and Charisma
  • Develop your non-verbal communication in conversations
  • Increase your impact

Impact analysis

Daniëlle is very knowledgeable and puts you at ease right away, allowing you to get the most out of it. And that’s a lot! Some of it I already knew, but the extensive analysis, explanations and backgrounds Daniëlle gives really help you. I now know what my strengths and weaknesses are in my non-verbal communication, how I can deal with them and how I can further increase my impact. Also very useful to watch out for these signals in others. Highly recommended!

Femke Smit

Equity Partner, KPMG

Without understanding the Conversation without Words, you are missing out on a lot of important information. Information that actually give you business advantage in all types of conversations you have.

During my training courses and individual impact analyses, I take you through all the ins and outs of non-verbal communication. You learn to take a different look and therefore see more.

In short: more Insight, Influence and Inspiration with non-verbal communication.

Danielle Regnerij

Daniëlle Regnerij

06 2434 1926

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