Are you looking for a speaker who will contribute to your programme from passion and knowledge? I provide keynotes on the Power of Non-verbal Communication. In other words, really understanding the message from the Conversation without Words and responding to it effectively.

Daniëlle is happy to provide a speech for your programme. She is at home in the latest scientific insights on non-verbal communication and its translation for everyday use. With her years of experience on stage, she has three keynotes that belong at every meeting.


Daniëlle Regnerij - InGeZicht

Take a different look and see more!

  • Learn the framework of non-verbal communication.
  • Recognise the most important signals in the office.
  • Make the most of your role!
Daniëlle Regnerij - InGeZicht

Communicating is Anticipating

  • Learn the five principles of Communicating is Anticipating.
  • Learn to respond to what you see.
  • Be stronger in your conversation!
Daniëlle Regnerij - InGeZicht

Once upon a Lie

  • Discover the truth behind the lie.
  • Recognise the non-verbal signals.
  • Develop your antenna to see further!

With more than 20 years of experience in business, Daniëlle provides a presentation tailored to your programme. Develop a different perspective on your daily conversations and increase your impact as a person and organisation.

Among other invitations to speak at the Bar Association’s annual conference, CHRO of the Year and the ABN AMRO Open tennis tournament preceded you.

Daniëlle introduced us in a one day workshop to non-verbal communication and how to make the insight part of our communication strategy. As an international team with people from 10 countries we profited from her knowledge about this topic. Working with Danielle has been a pleasure starting with easy and professional collaboration in aligning the concept for the day. Her flexibility to adapt to her customers need is outstanding and was highly appreciated also during the workshop. Her passion for the topic, solid and scientifically based expertise, professional facilitation skills, very positive spirit and energy, her experience and a good mix of practical application next to theoretical input made the workshop a very valuable experience for the team and for each and every individual

Sabine Weishaupt

Global Head of Leadership Consulting & Initiatives , Deutsche Telekom

Daniëlle Regnerij - InGeZicht

Daniëlle Regnerij

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