Impact analysis

We have all developed our own communication style over time. A style of verbal and non-verbal communication that often works and sometimes doesn’t.

Daniëlle provides an individual Impact analysis in which you learn about your own communication style, its advantages and disadvantages, and of course what steps you can take to initiate desired changes.

  • How can I strengthen my own first impression?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts in my communication?
  • How can I make my (online) presentation stronger?
  • How do I strengthen my powers of persuasion?

The individual Impact analysis is an excellent way to get started.

The result of these Communication and Impact programs according to participants:

  • I can now achieve my intended result faster and easier.
  • I now know the power of my non-verbal communication. That gives me comfort and more self-confidence.
What a great topic for increasing your personal impact and also gaining more awareness and knowledge in reading how your interlocutors are sitting there. Indispensable for anyone working together to achieve their goals. Daniëlle gives a very nice, expert and balanced view on this. With her enthusiasm and personal connection, this subject comes to life quickly, applicable and effective.
Roel Willems

Director Insurance Risk Management, Achmea

Daniëlle Regnerij

06 2434 1926

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Impact analysis