Communicating is Anticipating!

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I often say this during my training courses: Communicating is Anticipating!

Before an important conversation, you are probably well prepared. You have weighed up the pros and cons and estimated how the other person might react.

During the interview, you know how to put your case well. You listen to the other person’s arguments and know how to deal with them.

However, have you also looked apart from listened? Because besides the verbal side, there is another conversation going on, the Conversation without Words.

Think of the customer who, by now, gets it and is eager to discuss the next agenda items. Can you see his slight impatience forming? Or an argument that the other party in a negotiation had not seen coming. Do you see his surprise when you bring up the argument? Or a colleague pulling a face that he doesn’t get it. You can then summarise in between so that that colleague is reconnected without losing face.

Do you see the opportunities that reading non-verbal communication well will guide your conversation?

Please start paying attention to both aspects of the conversation, verbal and non-verbal. Both are an important source of information to achieve even better results.

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